I am Jitse Walravens, I am a student Media Management Technology at Artevelde, I’m 19 years old and a creative but hardworking student. My hobbies are gaming, (non-professional) singing, fitness, and of course working as a freelancer. I am always up for listening to your ideas and working together to help you with new creations.


My work is variated in different things, I can design and create websites, design logo’s, flyers, cards, and much more. I’ve spent years in the Graphical sector creating experiences and learning new things. Currently, I have 5 years of experience but do freelance work since 2020.


My prices are never high since I mostly work alone, I do not bill every hour since some designs take much more time than others and no advantage should be made because of this. Instead, I calculate the difficulty and create invoices that are made according to that.


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